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Don Connelly

Co-Founder of Don Connelly & Associates, LLC and Don Connelly 24/7, Speaker, Educator, Storyteller, Motivator and Mentor for Financial Advisors

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Richard Capalbo

Principal in Richard Capalbo, LLC, Keynote Speaker and Author, Coach to Financial Advisors and CEOs, Founder of the Quantum Leap Institute, Founder of Broad Street Productions

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  • "I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Don speak over 25 years ago. He’s one of the greatest motivating and inspiring speakers in our industry. We invited Don to be our Keynote Speaker for our Regional Meeting in St. Louis. He was outstanding!!! Results from our rep survey say: - Best session of the whole meeting. So many important take-aways! - The best motivator yet. Please have him at the national conference! - Don made me seriously reconsider how I approached my business. I need to ask myself some hard questions.”

    — Debbie Chandler, CRC® SVP, Regional Manager, Recruiter, Investment Centers of America

  • "Don, Your presence made the night even more special. The clients loved you!! I knew that would be the case, but it was really nice to see. I don't think any previous speaker has ever had as many laugh or applause points as you did. You were a tremendous motivator for me, early in my career. You kept me going when times were tough. Thank you for your many years of leadership and hard work in our industry. I look forward to seeing you again soon."

    — Michael P. Egan, CFPA® Egan, Berger & Weiner, LLC , Financial Planner / Partner

  • Don, I want you to know how much I am enjoying my Platinum membership. As you know, I use your website all the time, and really value your advice. Even though I have been at Merrill Lynch for over 23 years, a multimillion dollar producer, and have been recognized by many publications, including Barrons as one of the Top Financial Advisors in the country, your fresh ideas are invaluable. I especially enjoy the AskDon option. This gives me the ability to converse with you directly, and makes me feel like you are part of my team. Thanks for all you do for me and my team, especially the newest member. She really enjoyed hearing your personalized advice for her!

    David Monday, Chief Client Officer, Major New York Stock Exchange Advisory Firm

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  • Richard has developed a sixth sense when it comes to the use of customer service to build a successful business. His methods of creating networks of resources to serve clients are unparalleled. It is easy to see why he is one of the most popular and sought-after speakers in the Financial Service Industry.

    Robert Murray, Director of Institutional Marketing , Ancora Advisors

  • "I am very enthusiastic and grateful to be included in this program. I will thoroughly employ the techniques back home."

  • "This was probably one of the most comprehensive and best organized presentations I have ever attended. Please continue!"

  • "The program was fantastic. I never felt lost about where I was supposed to be. I now have a vision of exactly how I can grow my business faster than I thought possible."

  • "This has certainly been the most significant ‘mountain top’ experience I have ever had”

  • Finally some one gets it right! Richard understands that keeping your best clients is much more important than bringing in new ones. Not only are your clients the lifeblood of your business but they are the key to continuing to build a great practice year in and year out.

    David Monday, Chief Client Officer , Major New York Stock Exchange Advisory Firm

  • “Becoming a Life Advisor” was one of the most powerful books to ever address the topic of building a financial service business correctly. “The Ultimate Customer Service Model” not only takes the program to the next level but shows that these techniques apply to a variety of service professionals.

    Norman Mains, PhD, Managing Director, Major Money Management