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Richard Capalbo

richard2 Richard Capalbo

Principal in Richard Capalbo Enterprises, LLC
Keynote Speaker and Author
Coach to Financial Advisors and CEOs
Founder of the Quantum Leap Institute
Founder of Broad Street Productions

Richard Capalbo’s career on Wall Street spans more than 45 years – he has held numerous    positions in the securities industry including Registered Rep, Branch Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, District Manager, President, Chairman, and CEO of a Brokerage firm. He has been involved with SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association) and its predecessor for 35 years. He was chairman of the Securities Industry Institute and Chairman of the Sales and Marketing Committee. He began his career in the securities industry as one of the pioneers in the use of Modern Portfolio Theory.

Today Richard Capalbo is one of the most sought after keynote speakers on Practice Management, Enhancing Productivity, Client Relations and Customer Service.

Richard Capalbo lectures extensively throughout the securities, mutual fund, banking and insurance industries as well as at numerous Universities and Executive Education programs. He attends over 120 corporate retreats, workshops, university lectures and private engagements per year.

He has delivered over 1,000 keynotes to various industries both public and private on topics relating to building your business, developing leadership skills, becoming a life advisor, optimizing human potential, prospecting and client relationship management.

He has co-authored two books on Investment Management and Customer Service, “The Ultimate Customer Service Model” and “Becoming a Life Advisor”.

He has published over 20 white papers in the areas of Customer Service, Increasing Productivity of Sales People, Creating Successful Teams and many more.

Richard Capalbo enhances Individuals behavior by analyzing changing trends and helping individuals adjust to these changes. He believes there are different recipes for success so he shares his experience and insight in customized coaching services and training programs for Advisors and CEOs in several technology firms on all aspects of corporate finance and marketing issues.

“By doing business with people we like and by doing wonderful things for them whenever we can, we build a robust capacity to enjoy the process. As such, you will enjoy what you are doing so much, you will feel like you are never working a day of your life.”

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  • Richard has developed a sixth sense when it comes to the use of customer service to build a successful business. His methods of creating networks of resources to serve clients are unparalleled. It is easy to see why he is one of the most popular and sought-after speakers in the Financial Service Industry.

    Robert Murray, Director of Institutional Marketing , Ancora Advisors

  • "I am very enthusiastic and grateful to be included in this program. I will thoroughly employ the techniques back home."

  • "This was probably one of the most comprehensive and best organized presentations I have ever attended. Please continue!"

  • "The program was fantastic. I never felt lost about where I was supposed to be. I now have a vision of exactly how I can grow my business faster than I thought possible."

  • "This has certainly been the most significant ‘mountain top’ experience I have ever had”

  • Finally some one gets it right! Richard understands that keeping your best clients is much more important than bringing in new ones. Not only are your clients the lifeblood of your business but they are the key to continuing to build a great practice year in and year out.

    David Monday, Chief Client Officer , Major New York Stock Exchange Advisory Firm

  • “Becoming a Life Advisor” was one of the most powerful books to ever address the topic of building a financial service business correctly. “The Ultimate Customer Service Model” not only takes the program to the next level but shows that these techniques apply to a variety of service professionals.

    Norman Mains, PhD, Managing Director, Major Money Management